About Us


Kneedles Ink is run by Paul & Barby, a husband & wife team, both with over 15 years experience. They started their carriers in a London based studio as apprentices and never looked back!

They are hard working & love what they do & many a time you will find them working late into the evenings.

Paul is the Tattoo Artist & loves ‘Black & Gray’ work but enjoys the colour too! He rides to work on his chopper motorcycle and loves to tattoo skulls & demons but also enjoys colourful Japanese designs.

When people ask Paul ‘How long did it take you to learn to tattoo?’ he answers ‘You’re always learning & the day you stop learning is the day to give up!’ He enjoys going to conventions not only to work but to talk to & watch other tattoo artists at work.

Barby is the Master Piercer & Body Modifications Artist. Although her training was in piercing she has broadened her horizons and is now performing other forms of body modifications. She currently offers microdermals, pocketing, brandings, scarification, ear reconstruction, elf/pixie ears and implants.